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Submission Guidelines

Please read the following before you submit work to Saccharine Poetry

General Submission Guidelines

  1. Saccharine Poetry is a trial – it may go on for a 100 issues, or three issues, or two….
  2. Saccharine Poetry accepts unsolicited poetry submissions
  3. Saccharine Poetry only accepts digital submissions – we do not accept paper submissions
  4. Saccharine Poetry is only interested in publishing pieces that are not available in print or online anywhere else. We ask you to honour that
  5. Your work is your work – by submitting work you are giving permission for that work to be included in Saccharine Poetry. If we publish a poem of yours, we’d ask as a courtesy that you don’t get it published anywhere else for 4 months from the release of the edition of Saccharine Poetry that it is in
  6. Some issues of Saccharine Poetry have a thematic edge (if that’s the case, please pay attention to this before you submit), sometimes Saccharine Poetry doesn’t have a specific thematic focus (other than the general one outlined above)
  7. We expect our writers to check their own work for spellings, if you don’t, your piece may end up being published with those very same mistakes
  8. We are happy to publish work by anonymous writers
  9. We will happily publish work that might be deemed heretical or offensive, but we may deem some work too offensive to publish (if we can work out what offensive is)
  10. We will aim to notify you within 90 days, if your work has been accepted or not
  11. The editorial team at Saccharine Poetry will make final decisions about publication and are unable to enter into dialogue about rejections
  12. We require a bio of no more than 30 words of each writer – please submit your bio when you submit your work, feel free to include Twitter / Instagram handles
  13. While we will try to publish your prose/poetry in the form/layout you have submitted them in, due to print restrictions, we may have to adapt the formatting of your submission
  14. We hope to publish Saccharine Poetry within 60 days of closing the submission deadline – we want our publishing process to be pacy, just as we want our journal to be pacy
  15. We are excited to read challenging, prophetic, hopeful, angsty, rants and calls to (peaceful) arms
  16. We love the Church! Within that remit we are open to texts that critique the Church – but only those written from a place of love for the Church, those written desiring the best for the Church, those wanting to see the reformation of the Church – not texts that have a go at Christ’s bride through a lens of hate.
  17. We recognize the Church has many faults – and looks and acts very differently across different contexts. While we love the Church sometimes we struggle to recognize the Church as the Church. If you do too, we might just be the place for your work
  18. We don’t print hate
  19. Please don’t plagiarise anything. Please don’t quote other texts, we want to disseminate original works. If you plagiarise and we later find you’ve plagiarised, we’ll remove your work from later editions and we may consider refusing to accept any future submissions from you
  20. We rely on our writers to spread the word about Saccharine Poetry, please tell everyone about what we are doing, spread the word

Poetry Submissions

  1. We are keen to publish various kinds of poetry: different styles, different structures and representing different theologies
  2. Please submit no more than 3 poems at a time – if we like what we see, we might ask you to send more
  3. Poems should be no more than 3500 words long or 600 lines long (depending on which is shorter)
  4. We are happy to include collaboratively written texts, as long as each party has given permission (we’ll trust that has all been done)
  5. We may, depending on the texts submitted, commission to a poet to write a block of poetry for a “chap book”

Prose and Liturgy Submissions

  1. We are interested in publishing radical essays, manifestos, poetic rants, prophetic imagining, monologues, flash fiction and liturgies
  2. We do not publish sermons
  3. All submissions should be less than 2500 words, with the exception of stories (please note we do not publish long-form stories of more than 1000 words)

Image Submissions

Unfortunately at this time we can’t accept any image submissions. Sorry.

How to Submit

  1. Email us at
  2. In the email subject line, please write the volume number you are submitting for (e.g. ‘volume 1’)
  3. Include a 30 word bio
  4. Copy your poetry into the body of your email
  5. PLEASE DO NOT ADD ATTACHMENTS TO YOUR EMAIL – emails with attachments won’t be opened or read – sorry!

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